Fun Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

My dear little V is having fun playing the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot game with his Uncle one winter day. He just loves pressing those buttons to control his robot boxer’s arms and tries to punch his Uncle’s robot head upwards to win the game. This game is so easy to play especially kids in his age. It’s super fun! It gave him opportunity to practice his hand and eye coordination. We can’t stop laughing as he beat his Uncle many times. He knows the trick for an Uppercut punch! Look at his smiling face. He’s really enjoying it. Good job little V!


How about you, have you tried playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots?

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Senior Care Idea

How do you and your senior loved one choose a nursing home? It is important that you can answer that question because nursing homes are expensive. Did you know that they can Continue reading

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Learning Guitar Lessons

I got this guitar for product review. I felt excited for my kids because it will be their first time to learn some guitar basic lessons. I heard that taking a guitar lesson with a teacher is a little bit hard and expensive so I went to this option that it’s a kit and your kids can learn at home. It’s neat because it has a chordbuddy device that attaches near the nut and will aid the learner to press the G,D, C and E minor chords. We all know that it’s hard for the fingers to press the strings if you’re a first timer, how much more for kids. He enjoyed playing kids songs with 1 or 2 chords and 2 basic strumming.


This kids guitar is half the size of an acoustic guitar.


It came along with this guitar tuner, pick, tool, songbook and DVD for the lessons.

How about you, have you learned how to play a guitar before? Did you took a guitar kit too?

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Watching AI

I watched recently the videos of American Idol in their youtube page. It’s getting serious now that they are in top 13 already. I am very interested to hear songs from Majesty, MK, Malaya, Alex, Jessica and Caleb. The rest are pretty good too. They must have used Continue reading

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Tank In Gowanda

My husband asked me to take a picture of him beside this antique military tank during one of our road trip stop to Buffalo, NY. It’s my second time to see it and the kids weren’t with us during this trip. When I saw it, I was scared because it’s huge. It is said that this tank served during the Vietnam war. He is fascinated to this kind of machinery. He also likes to draw sketches like it too. He and his Dad likes to talk about History and machines like this. I like to hear him retelling what his Dad told him on subjects like this to his little boys too. The boys can’t wait to see this tank site for real someday.


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Traditional String Instrument

I did a research today about traditional string instruments. It just strike me to learn a little about it after a friend told me that she likes to play a mandolin and she said it’s a traditional string instrument. To my surprise there are hundreds of them. In Continue reading

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Fresh and Enjoying Breakfast

I took this picture the other day while my kids and I were eating our breakfast. For some reason, I am feeling tearful when I saw this pictures. It’s just that I realize that my boys are getting big already. I can’t spoon feed them like when they’re baby. I do still help them in taking a bath, putting on fresh clothes and I cook breakfast, but I still feel nervous. They’re growing too fast!


Growing kids are not like taking care of little babies. It’s 3 or more times than that. The child rearing is the challenging part of their Continue reading

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Band Inspector

There was a band playing accordion during one of our church’s party. They usually celebrate party when there’s feast days in the church calendar, birthdays and weddings. The musicians were kids friendly and they let Little G inspect their instruments. While they were playing one man called Little G and let him touch his electric guitar. Little G felt excited and I let him approach the man. He strum the guitar for a few minutes. He’s so cute!


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