Prep for Fall

The leaves are changing colors. The chill in the air makes you want to roast some marshmallows outside. A couple of days ago, we just started our first day of the Fall season. For me, this season reminds me to do more planning before Winter starts. I started by buying a new table cover for our dining table and another one for my Mom in law’s new dining table in her house. My kids did some leaf imprinting art in our homeschooling so that they will get to notice how leaves change in our surroundings. While I was at smallflower shop online, their aromatherapy oil and candles interest me that I should get some so I can add new indoor fragrance. We have closed our storm windows so that heat from our baseboard heaters will stay indoors. How about you, how have you been in your Fall preparations? Please share your ideas with me here.

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Photo contest challenge

I saw in our local library last week that they are running a Photography contest for Adult. They have a separate contest for Teens but I’m not a teen so I’m qualified for the Adults category. I wish to enter 3 of my photos and I’m looking for a printing company to print my photos. After that step, I will find a nice frame or a photo frame service for the photo. I’m canvassing on how much will everything cost and it’s around Continue reading

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Caught a juvenile Robin

My son and I went to his Grandma’s blueberry enclosure the other day and we saw two birds trapped inside. He said mommy, let’s get those birds out! And so we both went in and chased the birds inside the netting enclosure. One bird got away when it find the hole where it went in the first place. I sealed that hole so that the second bird won’t get away. After a minutes of chasing, I finally caught it. I didn’t injure it or anything but it sure felt scared and tired. I brought it inside the house so everyone could see it. My husband said it’s a juvenile robin as it has spots in its breast. We took lots of pictures (lucky bird for being an instant celebrity). My son took this picture for me and I thank him for that. I let it free after (I made sure I washed my hands clean) hoping it won’t get trapped again inside the enclosure.


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Deciding for a new speaker

I remember buying a new $10 wireless speaker once for my iPod and I didn’t like the sound quality. I say when I get a new speaker again, I will definitely get the one that has both wireless and power adapter. Just can’t rely on battery powered alone all the time. Batteries are expensive and they need to be replaced even though they are rechargeable batteries too. How about you, what do you look for in a speaker system for your Continue reading

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