Fun at the Playground

We found a huge playground after church one day. We’ve never seen that huge before. We took advantage to use it as we are the only ones there. I’m also glad that my husband was with us.


There were three slides, tube slides and a climber. I was not afraid to try it with my kids too. I like huge playgrounds as parents can enjoy play time with kids rather than just watching. I wish we can do a picnic there soon and play again in that playground.

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Busy cleaning and packing up

How do you prepare your home before going out of town or vacation? We have an upcoming conference this week and we’ll be out of town. I am busy washing the dishes, getting the kitchen in order, vacuuming our carpets and at the same time packing up the Continue reading

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Pretty giraffe

My husband wanted to treat us to go to Erie zoo after his Neurosurgeon appointment. He is really anxious about it and he said whether the outcome is positive or negative on his appointment, he will still treat us to go there. It’s our first time to go there as a family. The kids really enjoyed seeing different animals. One of my favorite in their zoo are the giraffes. This one is a baby giraffe. She is so nice. She stays put for taking pictures.


My husband forgot to include me in focus with the giraffe. Oh well, it’s still a good picture.


And here’s another giraffe. He sure likes to go walking and I’m glad we took a nice picture.

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Fun Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

My dear little V is having fun playing the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot game with his Uncle one winter day. He just loves pressing those buttons to control his robot boxer’s arms and tries to punch his Uncle’s robot head upwards to win the game. This game is so easy to play especially kids in his age. It’s super fun! It gave him opportunity to practice his hand and eye coordination. We can’t stop laughing as he beat his Uncle many times. He knows the trick for an Uppercut punch! Look at his smiling face. He’s really enjoying it. Good job little V!


How about you, have you tried playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots?

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