Caught a juvenile Robin

My son and I went to his Grandma’s blueberry enclosure the other day and we saw two birds trapped inside. He said mommy, let’s get those birds out! And so we both went in and chased the birds inside the netting enclosure. One bird got away when it find the hole where it went in the first place. I sealed that hole so that the second bird won’t get away. After a minutes of chasing, I finally caught it. I didn’t injure it or anything but it sure felt scared and tired. I brought it inside the house so everyone could see it. My husband said it’s a juvenile robin as it has spots in its breast. We took lots of pictures (lucky bird for being an instant celebrity). My son took this picture for me and I thank him for that. I let it free after (I made sure I washed my hands clean) hoping it won’t get trapped again inside the enclosure.


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Deciding for a new speaker

I remember buying a new $10 wireless speaker once for my iPod and I didn’t like the sound quality. I say when I get a new speaker again, I will definitely get the one that has both wireless and power adapter. Just can’t rely on battery powered alone all the time. Batteries are expensive and they need to be replaced even though they are rechargeable batteries too. How about you, what do you look for in a speaker system for your Continue reading

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Fun at the Playground

We found a huge playground after church one day. We’ve never seen that huge before. We took advantage to use it as we are the only ones there. I’m also glad that my husband was with us.


There were three slides, tube slides and a climber. I was not afraid to try it with my kids too. I like huge playgrounds as parents can enjoy play time with kids rather than just watching. I wish we can do a picnic there soon and play again in that playground.

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Busy cleaning and packing up

How do you prepare your home before going out of town or vacation? We have an upcoming conference this week and we’ll be out of town. I am busy washing the dishes, getting the kitchen in order, vacuuming our carpets and at the same time packing up the Continue reading

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