Band Inspector

There was a band playing accordion during one of our church’s party. They usually celebrate party when there’s feast days in the church calendar, birthdays and weddings. The musicians were kids friendly and they let Little G inspect their instruments. While they were playing one man called Little G and let him touch his electric guitar. Little G felt excited and I let him approach the man. He strum the guitar for a few minutes. He’s so cute!


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28 Responses to Band Inspector

  1. HOw nice of the man to let Mr. G touch it. He’s gonna be a musician sis.

  2. He was fascinated with it! Glad that they are kids friendly and they let him to touched it . At least, that man made him happy! :)

  3. Terry says:

    Looks like those guys are having a good time playing. I bet they liked that Little G was so interested.

  4. Awe! He wanted to try and play the electric guitar, too. One curious little man he is. :)

  5. Nikki says:

    That is so cute! How nice that the man let him play with the instruments. It’s great to find kid-friendly musicians.

  6. Amber Nelson says:

    You sure don’t see many accordians around. This is pretty cool!

  7. vinma says:

    oh this is cute! I see he likes music.. its good that band was friendly and let him go near the instruments :)

  8. Lawna says:

    Good thing they were kid friendly and let him have a little fun.

  9. Oh that is too cute. Little ones just love music, don’t they. Who knows – maybe you have a budding rock star on your hands :)

  10. Rosey says:

    How fun that he got to interact a little with the band. He looks so cute, and so little there. I love pics like that, bet it’ll be a favorite when he’s grown. :)

  11. Michele says:

    That was really nice of the guitar player to allow your son to strum the guitar for a couple of minutes. Maybe you should get him a play guitar-hey you never know-he may have a musicians soul.

  12. Looks like a lot of fun. :) Never too young to start them with music!

  13. becca says:

    how cute he is already showing an interest in music before long he will be doing the playing

  14. awwww…how cute! somebody wants to be a musician someday…:)

  15. Ha. Aww that is so cute. Nice of them to allow both his inspection and play along. You’ll have to get him his own guitar

  16. Tess says:

    Thats so nice that he was able to do that. How cool of him!

  17. Shydub says:

    Curious george hehehe. Very nice of those people for letting lil G touch those instrument.

  18. Maria says:

    Very cute!! I’m so glad he is interested in music. My kids love music and my teen plays 4 instruments now.

  19. That was awfully sweet of the guitar player. Love it when people give kids a chance to learn.

  20. Amy says:

    I love it! So great of the men to let him play for a minute! Its never too early to introduce instruments to a childs life!

  21. Amanda Love says:

    Awwww, how sweet of him to let him touch his instrument. Little G might grow up to play the guitar after this experience who knows. My toddler loves the piano and I can’t wait for her to turn 3 to start classes. :)

  22. Mina Slater says:

    What a cutie! It’s great that he’s so curious about the instruments at such a young age. Seems that the musicians had as much fun as he did!

  23. That is so sweet … and what a fun experience for him! My son loves music too and he got to meet Toby Mac at one of last year’s Winter Jam. It’s awesome when musicians take time for their littlest fans!

  24. A musician in the making haha – giving interest for the love of music, maybe? hihi

  25. Eliz Frank says:

    Definitely a Beethoven in training or the next rock star. I would encourage Mr G’s musical training for sure…. get him a kiddie guitar.

  26. Kimber says:

    Oh how fun! He is so cute walking up to see the guitar. We have a music section at our childrens museum and my kids love strumming the guitar!

  27. It is nice that your son got to listen to the musicians and then to explore the instruments!

  28. Coolchillmom says:

    That was nice of him to discover the guitar!
    Hopefully it encouraged him to learn it

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