Fresh and Enjoying Breakfast

I took this picture the other day while my kids and I were eating our breakfast. For some reason, I am feeling tearful when I saw this pictures. It’s just that I realize that my boys are getting big already. I can’t spoon feed them like when they’re baby. I do still help them in taking a bath, putting on fresh clothes and I cook breakfast, but I still feel nervous. They’re growing too fast!


Growing kids are not like taking care of little babies. It’s 3 or more times than that. The child rearing is the challenging part of their growing up. Every day, I don’t just think of them as kids but beating hearts that’s growing mature, body with souls and that God is watching them and me, their Mother. Sometimes it’s frustrating because I feel like their weakness is my failure of not doing a good duty as a mother. I keep praying to God that I can have a good night sleep, and strength to face the next mornings. My boys need me and I will give them the best that I can!

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  1. Ambot lang, malingaw gyud ko aning George nimo mommy kay so cute, chubby! :) Ang manghod kay slim. :)

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